About My Blog

As the title of the blog suggests, this blog is a collection of essays, thoughts, and observations on all things in the movie business.

The entertainment & media industry is evolving rapidly, and we are seeing opportunities for informed investors to get involved in all forms of content financing and achieve long-term financial gain through the exciting new distribution channels that are becoming available.

Born in Taiwan, educated in the US, now living/working in Australia, I cannot help but have a sharp eye for cultural comparison, honed by personal experience.

This blog is my effort in contributing to the screen community by adding valuable content, insights and updates to wrap arms around the complexity and scope of everything when East meets West.

This blog is categorised based on my areas of interests:

Film Business: industry trend, business development, and independent film financing.

Filmmaking: writing, directing and creative inspiration

My works: feature films and others

What this blog does NOT include is project specific nor commercially sensitive information. Hence, you won’t find anything related to my current projects.

In case you are curious and want to ask, yes my team, and I are currently working on an array of projects, including feature films, TV series, and multi-media projects.

Being bilingual, I also tend to use English and Chinese interchangeably. You can use the Google Translate Tool in the sidebar for instant translation as you see fit.

Changes in the movie business are constant, and I am endeavoured to keep many of the facts and statistics up to date.