The irreplaceable spark

I never truly understand why I felt so drawn to movies. All I know is that it is in stories, I could allow a part of me run free; the sense of liberation was (still is) intoxicating ever since I was a young girl growing up in Taiwan.

My parents never appreciated my choice. My teachers told me that a filmmaking career was beyond my reach for a simple girl from a provincial town.

Nevertheless, I had a fire inside me.

So I persisted and left for the US to earn a degree in film studies. The truth of the matter was I didn’t know how this would work in my life.

Upon returning to Taiwan, I worked in the production and advertisement industry, honing my craft. I was working and building a career that was perhaps successful in the eyes of others, but it was also at this point, I almost became a stranger to myself. I intuitively knew that advertising was not suited to me.

Nevertheless, I acquired many valuable skills and knowledge during this period. overtime; I also experienced incremental improvements in work habits.

I was a young mother when I migrated to Australia, and out of necessity, I was forced to start over again and break into the local film scene.

I was fixated on what other people were saying and achieving. I grew frustrated for not reaching my potential. I craved change. I was happy to grab something quick and superficial.

Then, my father passed away.

The profound loss forced me to reflect back upon those earliest inclinations, the intense childlike curiosity in me and the fire that never died inside me. I knew I had to determine a direction I must take: to direct and make my own films.

I then found myself in a position knowing that I must cultivate a new set of skills that suit this change in direction and find a way to blend them with everything I had previously learned.

There was no simple, direct straight line but instead many wrong turns and mistakes. They made me aware of my flaws. They widened my experience. They toughened me up and armed me with the ability to withstand criticism.

The difference is that I am now heading in a direction that resonates with me personally and emotionally.

I am finding my own voice, connecting to the part of me that is fundamentally unique, one of a kind, my genetics, and my life experiences.


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